Company History

"Best quality and differentiated services, KCP Semiconductor people to think carefully cultivating"

design line


  • Professionalism

    The global-oriented, such as one with the best quality and differentiated services.

  • Communication Unity

    Break down the walls between departments as a whole, as one moves collaborate and listen

  • Respect Trust

    Customers should bring together all the capabilities of the company to the top

  • Changes leap

    The right decisions and ethical judgments and plan for the future of the company.

design line


Know the basic talent

KCP semiconductors are doing business to create and sell semiconductors. The most important value in performing these our business is people who can understand the system and organization faithful to its role as a member. Prescribed standards and regulations Talent is talent to know the line responsible for the duties undertaken bars you want to keep the semiconductor KCP.

Talent to innovate

In order to perform the KCP semiconductor business requires a quick judgment and responsiveness appropriate circumstances. Therefore, it is given the circumstances these people, who know how to enterprising challenge towards the future, which can be existing only as a pioneer rather unconventional, flexible and creative way of thinking is the human desire KCP semiconductors. Who is responsible and try to correct one given the most, and even the failure to carefully analyze the causes and consequences that serve as the basis of its performance. Those who wish joining the semiconductor KCP will do their best to their role, cultivate a sense of ownership has done faithfully given one position.

Professional talent

One of the company to survive the rapidly changing era of unlimited competition keyword is to secure the continued creation of competitive talent. We KCP semiconductors and constantly hone their ambition toward a goal that challengers want to try and self-development. KCP is the person who hopes the incident on the first semiconductor will have a sense of purpose and professionalism of becoming the leading experts in their field.

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