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"Based on the clear and clean will become a leading semiconductor companies."

Relentless will to respond to the rapidly changing semiconductor market through innovation.
Among the business environment surrounding the rapidly changing semiconductor industry, there are still uncertainties in the macroeconomic world around us. But I will go prepare for the upcoming future based on the experience and potential that has overcome many challenges and difficulties.

Whilst the transition of the industry came to attention as a key competitive micro-processing and mass production is more secure wall increases due to the technology reaching its physical limits.
also diversified ropgo even more challenging demands of customers according to the IT environment becomes complex. KCP semiconductor is through hard work, customer focus and continuous innovation and new technologies for secure management will not stop trying to be the best in the market for a new paradigm.

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Company Overview

Company Overview
CEO Hong Gil Dong
Established '01 September 01, 1990
Headquarters 9 digital way to Seoul collar 99, 1107 Issue (Gasan-dong, Star Valley)
Business area Semiconductor business
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Main Business Areas

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  • 2016
    01."KCP largest shareholder changes"
  • 2015
    07."Labor-Management Culture Enterprise Selection"
    06."Industrial Packaging Award"
    01."Completion of the fourth line"
  • 2014
    09."Achieve accident-free certification"
    03."Best Company by the Ministry of Employment and Labor employment"
    02."Corporate tax fairness plaque award"
  • 2013
    10."New plant before"
    06."Changwon Group partners announced innovative management practices Prize Award"
  • 2012
    10."Approximately $ 600 million convertible bond successfully issued a large-scale overseas"
  • 2011
    06."Business Strategy Workshop held for the first year of Sustainability"
  • 2010
    10."Sustainability Award"
  • 2009
    03."Industry-leading record margin"
  • 2008
    07."This photo new senior"
  • 2007
    05."Thought achieve maximum sales and profits"
  • 2006
    12."10 domestic manufacturers launch"
  • 2005
    02."IC cards for memory expansion, development"
  • 2004
    05."The top 20 global semiconductor market entry"
  • 2003
    03."Semiconductor Co., Ltd."
  • 2002
    01."Semiconductor assembly plant"
  • 2001
    03."Semiconductor assembly plant construction"
  • 1999
    07."Labor-Management Culture Enterprise Selection"
  • 1998
    11."Trade Day 9 million dollars Export Tower Award"
  • 1997
    03."To attract foreign capital (foreign issued CB 5 million dollars)"
    01."Environmental Management System Certification"
  • 1996
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