Personnel policy of the KCP semiconductor think people are cherished and nurtured
The cultivation of true professionals.
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1. know the basic talent
   - Understanding of organizational systems and human resources that can be true to its role as a member
   - Prescribed standards and regulations are responsible for knowing the talent line bar to keep official in charge

2. Talent to innovate
   - Human to effectively respond to the changing
   - Human resources to prepare for the future with creativity and challenging spirit

3. Professional talent
   - Talent obviously know the business value do our best to think and act from the customer's perspective

4. People with the expertise
   - Endless talent to gain expertise with a passion for self-development and job seeking performance of the play areas

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HR System

   - Ability, placing the right place on the basis of aptitude , I hope
   - Recruitment and selection to the first character and potential
   - If you upgrade through the promotion and evaluation
   - Job development and personal development in harmony with other in-house training
   - Job rotation working to develop aptitudes and abilities
   - Now leave management with priority given to re- joining

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Reward System

• Establish fair and reasonable performance-based compensation system
   - Salary : Salary payment based on a higher level of salts
   - onus payments : bonus payments in connection with business performance

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